Thursday, April 28, 2005

Before long I will be seeing these again in my front yard! We've had inches of rain and the wildflowers are beautiful here this year. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Lucky Cat, chillin' - this cat was a throwaway, thrown on the highway that is and landed on his chin. It required two surgeries to fix him up. So all these hundreds of dollars later, if he wants the sink, he's got it. Posted by Hello
and here's our 20 yo horse, Doc, with youngest son James Posted by Hello
Here I am.. squashing bluebonnets. Posted by Hello

Monday, April 11, 2005

Another blog??

One would think I'd had enough of this. Yet here I am, with yet another blog. Okay, to be honest it was here first and I just forgot about it. Forgot to the extent that later I tried to set up a blog with the same name only to find it had been taken. Can you imagine that! Oh. I took it.

One blog tends to focus on the animals. One is supposedly for the forum. So why not one just for moi? Somewhat enjoyed the way the Simple Woman's Daybook followed a simple outline. Though that could get tiring day after day.... here is my modification:

So here I am today, March (what is it? the 24th? no.. oh dear.. later than that) 26th of 2009, killing time before heading into town to the Christian Women's Job Corps. I was working on the website and gave up. John needs to help me!

Outside today it is chillier. The furnace is running. This after days of weather so fine we could leave doors standing wide open. The cats are going to be so disappointed.

I am thinking
how nice it is to have things to do, yet how easy it is to get over-committed.

I am thankful for the ability to stay in touch with my children who are far away. Between email, facebook, the phone, skype if we wanted, we are blessed today.

The kitchen smells of chocolate flavored coffee. What a nice way to wake up! John already had it made. I bet mom misses getting up mornings to find coffee ready now that I am not there.

My reading these days seems to be nothing but what is on my computer. Good books and good videos await. Maybe this weekend?

I am hoping (Ha, like this one) - well here I am hoping for nothing more than to get that website looking to suit me over the weekend, even if all the content is not yet up to snuff.

I am creating a website, did I mention that? Did I mention I am not a web developer?

Around the house float dustbunnies. I guess I need to vacuum. Boy that one was a downer.

One of my favorite things is not vacuuming but going to Denny's for coffee and chat.

A few plans for my upcoming days is to finish that website and visit Denny's.

Here is a picture for ya for today:
My Angel-Kitty. Isn't she lovely? She likes lap sitting while I am on the computer. It is time though for me to head out to CWJC!

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