Thursday, January 17, 2008


Is this a good thing? Or do the claws need to come out?
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Take this!

No fear! Says Fela Kitty. Shoot me? Just watch these teeth!
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Where's the water?

Tell you what, you cannot say we are not optimistic. Don't you just know though that the guys who put this sign up laughed and laughed?
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Friday, January 04, 2008

A walk in the park

We went caching in the San Angelo State Park New Year's weekend. Suza loved the hike but it wore her out (me too!) so once home she curled up in her chair and snoozed soundly.

After chasing around town to vets, groomers etc, we found plenty of ads for other lost dogs but not the two we picked up earlier. Finally located a rescue group that still had room - so many fill up at this time of year. So all ends well, from my point of view at least!
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Fela's Poinsettia

Fela loved this poinsettia for the whole 12 hours it was here. She'd stick her nose into the middle of the plant and inhale deeply. Then drool. I'd have expected her to chew on it, but nope!
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