Sunday, December 02, 2012

November travels

 We went to the NC mountains.. though it was a tad late for peak color ,
still it was lovely!
 On the way to our hotel.. love those mountain streams!
 Did not take enough colorful pics of leaves AND Sky.
 He enjoyed a bit of trails, hopping over logs, sometimes under them :)
 Some rain, some overcast, some drizzle.. who cares!
 and even some snow, because of Sandy. Sky loved it.
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Heading out..

for a while.. east to Tennessee then North Carolina then South Carolina. And back again.

Pup is going with me!

Cats are safely confined, much to their disgust. I see Harry (Hongry Boy) looking at his usual way over the fence, or up to the roofline where he liked to sit, and then he'll look at me and flip his tail. I do not think he is happy. But he is safe and that makes my heart rest easier. They have the house, the yard, the garage.. what more do they want? I know - freedom to climb fences and frisk down the alley.

Sky is doing great on his lessons at home. Wonder if he will remember them once we are away. I doubt it, LOL.

Friday, October 05, 2012


slips in, September leaves with gifts of rain. Cooler days, and oh yes again I say Rain! A lot of rain - from drought level 3 to level 1 in a matter of days.'

This month I lost Precious, a wild cat we trapped and tamed from back in '92. Old age claimed her. I did take her to the vet at the last as she was obviously dying but lingering. Do not like seeing them suffer and how can one tell? For sure all goodness was gone from her life. Like the end of an era. She was the last of the cats from that time.

Sky is doing nicely. Quiet little dog, literally and also in the sense of calmness around the house. He can bark, I have heard him, but only two or three times has anything close to a bark come out of his mouth. Sky is learning sit, down, a couple of tricks. Loves to play fetch. Loves to hassle Harry the cat who does not seem too perturbed about it. Today Sky and Harry alternated getting treats. Sky learned to wait patiently for his turn and was very quick to accept that, lie down and wait politely. Now he curls on a footstool near me, sleeping soundly.

The back yard fence has been worked on to keep the cats in. Wire all around except for the gate. Harry can only get out over the gate. No one else tries that. To get back in Harry must likewise come in over the gate and he hates that. It's a long drop for a heavy cat. So he sits on the roof of the cat pen and looks at me. I carry a chair over to the gate and hold it up about half way. Harry climbs down onto the top of the gate then carefully jumps into the chair. I don't care how carefully he does it, 15 pounds of cat hitting that chair is a jolt for me and I let the chair dip a few inches. Harry handles that with aplomb. And continues to sit there. So I then carry the chair with Harry in it back to the porch. Dang cat. Should get the gate fixed tonight so Harry can't get out. My back can't wait.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Enter September - and a new dog

While I was not exactly opposed to the idea, I was not hunting for it either.. when it happens it will happen I thought, and perhaps that will be never or at least a good while yet..

Well it happened. No name yet.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Midsummer - I know the real midsummer was closer to the time Su died but to me this feels like midsummer.   Probably due to the school session timing in childhood!  Here I am, between - Su gone just over a month now. Next month I turn 61. The days pass quietly, hot and long, no longer does it seem that Su is just there, on the sofa, behind me in the hall, or waiting for a bit of that food I'm eating. But the tears still come. And will yet a while no doubt.

Getting maudlin in these years. Or maybe always was so since driving down the road the other day I thought of that song Those Were The Days, released in '68? Even shortly after college I'd hear that and think of days gone by and how true some bits of that song rang for me. Now even more so. The years my kids were small. The years Ray was still alive. The years I had Su... now some days it feels like all is emptiness.

And I know that years from now, I'll still hear that song in my head and the days now, the ones shortly before me, will also be recalled with fondness. So as my birthday is upon me it is time to look forward - to taking action and making sure that twenty years from now my sixties will be a time to remember.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Goodbye Su

fall 2000 - June 2012

Good dog Su, gone from my  life but not from my heart

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The year slips by

half gone now. The past months have been so quiet here. My son who lived here a while to finish schooling has moved on to the job of his choice. It's just me and the animals..

which brings me to this - I think my Su dog is dying. She's had two seizures, she is anemic, her appetite is poor.. Mostly she just lies around and it seems to me that she can only walk a little bit before needing to lie down again. We've done blood work, which showed little to nothing (the anemia) and know the red blood cells are not being formed as they should be so besides meds, we can only wait, do more tests, a bone marrow test if desired, what else I do not know. But I wonder how much to do, how long to wait, as she is an old dog now and I do not want her to suffer. Su is 12 or right at it. In many ways she looks good. But the slow stiffening of joints and increasing desire to just sleep has been growing over the past few months. I knew the time would come but are we ever truly ready for it?

Su, you've been such a good dog.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Another cat

Who is that looking down at me? HB! Hongry Boy. Though lately I think he needs a new name. At a glance he looks a bit like Fela and one day when he was scratching at the door to come in, my son opened it to let in Fe then realize wait! Who is that? As the cat ran off. But HB kept coming back to scratch at the door, or hang out on top of the cat pen watching us. After three months or so I could touch him and found all of his ribs easily so we fed him routinely. Wondering all the while what next?

Once I could catch him it was off to the vet. My assumption was that would be the end - a stray tom, what were the odds he would be free of FIV or feline leukemia? Not much is what I thought.

HB surprised us. He was declared disease free, about five years old, and intact. That last soon changed and he came back home with me to live in the cat pen for a week.

Now he runs free again but is content to stay in the yard most of the time, just lounging around, waiting for the next meal. Sometimes he comes inside to eat. When I open the door to see if he would like to go back he looks at me and lies down. Why would I want to do That he seems to be saying. I'll stay in where the gig is good and some more food please!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ah yes this is what I'd rather be doing (see that cat?) snoozing in the comfort of my bed. But since I can't go to sleep due to too many small discomforts (oh the joys of an aging body!) I'll post an update and let him sleep.

Went to see the doctor and found out about the blood work. It was done last August. No wonder I could not remember it! And everything was perfect. Ideal she said. Very healthy she said.

Then we talked about other things! Oh my. Well it's all good. Will see a dermatologist for a skin check, purely  because one should now and then. Will see a neuro doc about my back in hopes of finding relief from the pain. That would be nice! Will see.. well it doesn't matter but I guess in the end there were four referrals and some we forgot to get to my relief. She'll catch me later I am sure, as in April when my re-check date is scheduled.

Mom is still in the SNF, and getting better but we fear not doing well enough for us to feel secure about her living alone again. Who knows! She can do what she wants, I just hope she does not fall again. There are no easy answers for that situation, as she really does not want to move into a senior living place.

Time for bed here. I'll have to shove the cat over!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some days...

I just feel so confused.  Not long ago I had a phone call and was busy doing something else so admit to not paying a lot of attention to the first sentence or two. But then I am asked when I can come in to discuss the results of my blood work. This does not help my confusion. Blood work? What blood work? I need to come in and do blood work? No, this is about the one you had done. Well news to me. Which doctor I wonder so ask in a way to pretend I know, where do I need to go? He tells me what clinic and that clears that up. I am still confused. There is absolutely NO recollection in my brain of having  blood work done. This would be funny except it is driving me nuts. At least I will get to find out later this month when I go see the doctor.

When  my mom has days like this she  thinks it is due to her age. Am not quite sure what excuse I want to use.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Mom fell and broke her arm. Who knew how hard that could be to deal with for her, for us? They can't set it due to location. She is in a SNF for now, needing help with simple things - like getting up! The rest of the family is near enough to go visit her daily. All I can do is sit here and think about her, hope it gets better for her, wish things did not have to be hard for her at this point. But for many it is it seems, more often than not, and frequently much worse than it is for her now. You start to really feel the years that have gone by, when your mom is 87, hurting, and might not go home again. No more acting like things will never change, and on to accepting and dealing with what is - as best we can.