Wednesday, June 29, 2011



Planted three years ago to shade the cat pen I never gave much thought to fruit. It is loaded with lovely clusters and my phone really does not show them well. The birds have finally discovered them though so will no doubt get most. Happy eating birds!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Doodling, now new and improved

Oh the latest thing that has crossed my path has surely got to be an inspired way to kill time: Zentangle®.

Now this is not particularly new. I can find references to it from 2009 and admit I made no effort to look back further. It is new to me and I'm sure many have yet to hear of it or try it. At first I was amused. Then hooked. This is fun! and takes focus if one wants a neat result. Hence the "zen" in the name, as it becomes a way to meditate, focus and relax. Zentangle takes doodling to an entirely new level. Creating tangles can even leave you with a free form drawing worth hanging on your wall or a way to decorate a pair of shoes. Whatever you do with it, you are sure to enjoy it!

You can find information on youtube (of course) and on the web. Just know that the word Zentangle has been patented, so giving credit where credit is certainly due - check out these links!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Alone in West Texas

Temporarily, as son is off in Europe! what a cool trip he has had the opportunity to take. It is a college course affair and they are hitting several cities. I do believe I envy him. It took him a while to decide to go, or so it appeared to me, while I was saying Go Go Go!! Can't wait to hear all about it when he gets back.

So, alone. It's not half bad. Nothing really changed. Same routine. None of his tales of school or biking to entertain me but am pleased to think of him in Europe seeing all the sights and learning.

Meanwhile the cat is having to adjust. No John to pick on. She can't go to the living room and meow for him to let her out, then run around to the back yard, slip in the window and return to the living room to meow for him to let her out. Again and again. No, instead she is harassing me. Not as much fun I am sure since this crabby person refuses to open the front door for her. However with it getting warmer the window is closed so I have to open a door for her. If only I could tune out her little high pitched mew. Which would not really help as the dog thinks the cats should have the door opened for them when they ask and if mom does not notice, she points the situation out to mom. Sigh. I might as well give up.

So, not totally alone. There's four cats and a dog. Amazing how much attention and time they take up!