Sunday, May 08, 2005

A spring time stroll at a public garden here in San Angelo. Lovely day, lovely flowers.. lazy dog!! LOL. Posted by Hello
Sometimes the 'facilities' were old-fashioned, but clean! Posted by Hello
Typical building block for many of the churches and homes - adobe, made by on location.  Posted by Hello
A kitchen at one church. The meal we ate there was ample and delicious, with a wonderful selection of dishes. Posted by Hello
A church under construction. I hope they got the funds needed to finish it! Posted by Hello
a 15th C tile found on the premises of one country church. Posted by Hello
A country congregation at Old Queen's village gathers to tell us goodbye. Posted by Hello
We had time to visit a few historic places, our interpreter was also worked as a tour guide. This old fort dates back to the 15th C. Posted by Hello
Typical appearance of the inside of a church. The sign on the wall says God is something - I can't quite read it here. Usually the word is love, but I think this word is different. Everything is hand painted on the walls by a church member. Yep, that border too. Posted by Hello
our interpreter in a typical field of sunnies - this one field supports a local church! Posted by Hello
Myself, our hosts Michael and Galena, and my partner Janelle. We are at the Black Sea in this photo. It is gorgeous! Posted by Hello

2003 Ukaine mission trip

One of those "they talked me into it" but didn't need to work hard at it things, a trip to remember.. one I wish I could make again. Lots of wonderful memories - beautiful country, lovely people. Hard work but it never really seemed so at the time.
Ukraine, 2003 - myself, Michael and Gala, my partner Janelle, at the Black Sea. I have a link to a page with more pictures of this trip under "My links". I think. :)Posted by Hello