Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More dogs!

Dogs dogs dogs! We went out to the state park to ride bikes and found dogs running loose on the highway near the gate of the park. Of course we had to pick them up! One is a Westie we think, the other a cocker, maybe mix. Both are nice, young, and need grooming
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Fritti's gone

It was tough but yesterday Fritti Cat was put to sleep. He could not get well from what should have been a simple upper respiratory ailment. The FIV was showing its ugly head and since there is no good end to this, we decided to say goodbye now.

See ya at the bridge Fritti baby!
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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Cats and elbees

or litterboxes (LB you see).. so many of them with so many cats! Litter gets pulled out onto the floor, as every cat owner knows. The boxes built into a cabinet have long appealed to me but getting someone to make one seems to be beyond my ability. Then recently I saw a cat box at the store that looked interesting but the price tag! It was right at 32 dollars. The design appeared easy enough to copy. I picked up an 18 gal storage container and some outdoor carpeting. Cut a hole in the top and glued on the carpet (to help catch litter). Voila! A new box! Large and deep, the cats took right to it. While there is some litter on the floor still, it is a tiny amount indeed. This is so successful and economical that I'm changing over all the boxes to this design. Here is Fela (the tabby stray who was unnamed yet in her last photo) checking out the new box.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Goodbye Misty

Misty dog was put to sleep today. She was 12 years old and failing, but at the last something else came along. It was fast, just in the last couple of days I noticed her stomach was getting rather large, then she did not eat last night. Without an autopsy we don't really know exactly what the problem was but the vet was certain he felt a mass and she definitely had internal bleeding. So a peaceful good bye was the best gift we could give her. We will miss her. Misty was a good dog.
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Monday, August 20, 2007

Wild flowers!

More flowers. Just because I enjoy looking at them so much.
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yes, I have to immortalize this one. At least I did not find any cats, LOL. If you don't know what geocaching is, look it up on the 'net!
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Yep, another one

This one actually was picked up before Fritti.. and still does not have a name! Neither is she spayed yet, or tested, or...
well anyway, she's not ready to be adopted out. We are enjoying her antics. Some oaf dumped her on a country
highway miles from anywhere. If I had not been out geocaching... (which come to think of it is what I was doing when I found Fritti.)

There's been a few others but we placed those so fast they won't get their pictures in the blog.
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Fritti, the newest rescue. The name comes from Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams.
Fritti was the thinnest cat I have ever picked up. For the first two weeks he was just thrilled to be in the outdoor cat cage. Food! Shelter! Food! Safety! Food!

Fritti has been neutered and has his shots now. We hope to find him a forever home soon.
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July's flowers

We've had such a lovely wet summer. Highly unusual yet much appreciated. The rose garden looks nice and the monarchs are everywhere. At this time of year I am more accustomed to seeing plants wilted or dying. The only drawback is the high humidity is getting to me!
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Monday, May 14, 2007

The Lighthouse

Here is James, sitting at the base of the Lighthouse. Sandstone and shale layers give rise to these formations after years (eons?) of erosion.
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At the "Lighthouse"

The size of these things is hard to imagine from photos. But here you can see my daughter walking along between the two "hoodoos" and get some idea as to the size. I didn't have the nerve to go up there.
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The Lighthouse trail - Palo Duro Canyon

Location: Palo Duro Canyon, Texas.
Here we are on the trail to the "Lighthouse", a geologic formation seen just to the left of Jame's head in the distance. It isn't that long a ride on the bikes, but you best take plenty of water!
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Texas Longnose

Ain't he cute? she, whatever.. maybe you don't like snakes but we do!
This type is docile and never grows very large. Picked up on the trail to
the Lighthouse while in the Palo Duro Canyon, we admired him briefly
then let him go.
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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cactus patch cat family

Mom and kittens in the boy's bathroom. She looks up at me with such intensity.. keeps doing this from the time I found them in the cactus. As if she's trying to memorize me. Like she can't believe it, oh please please help me.. or wondering if this is real. Poor cat. A trusting pet and so desperate. She is very thin.
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Not a great shot but we were focused on rescue, not picture taking.. you can see the family diving right in. Getting these into the carrier is not going to be a problem.
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I took Misty for a walk to the river. Having my camera along and seeing some cactus blossoms I decided to attempt a picture (they were partway down a slope to the river). All of a sudden small animals came out of the cactus! For one second I was startled as there can be any sort of wildlife there but it probably did not take a heartbeat for me to identify these small animals. Four kittens. Then came the mom! All crying for food, obviously dumped off pets. I ran (Okay, I walked fast) with Misty to get food and a carrier then returned by car.
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Saturday, April 07, 2007

James sent me flowers for Easter! They are so pretty... this pic really does not do them justice, not one whit. Posted by Picasa
Gotta get a shot of Su in here. She loved the cold and kept wanting to Run! I did jog a bit but all that means is Su gets to trot. :)
She had a light dusting of sleet on her back, which barely shows up here. Maybe you can see it. Posted by Picasa

Easter eggs?

I don't know how the rest of the egg hunts here in town worked out today, what with the icy stuff on the ground but.. I found some!!
Hope momma duck manages to hatch these out. Posted by Picasa

Easter weekend

Easter means spring, right? We didn't have a white Christmas even!

Keeps us on our toes - scramble to get the cold weather clothes back out,
turn the furnace back on.. yada yada yada..Pretty isn't it?
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