Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My "service" dog

Su was handy for helping me up hills, bracing me if I felt unsteady on rough ground etc. She did know how to get things for me but I never used it. Sky came along and he certainly isn't big enough to brace on so I decided, he can get things off the floor! I drop it, and he's there in a flash, looking for the item. Sometimes he finds it before I see where it went. Sky brings me whatever it is - though he has trouble with flat things still. And yes he gets a reward. The other day I was out in town and dropped something, stood there a minute looking down and heard my friend laugh and say "Where's your service dog?" She's right, I'm spoiled. And no he is not a service dog. He'd have to learn a whole lot more and I'd have to seriously need the help for that, but he is right handy!

Crochet anyone?

Once when I went to visit mom, she held up a quilt top and wondered about how it would never get finished. So naturally I took it and now it is on my bed. Last time.. she held up an afghan (she's on to a good thing) and wondered what to do with this. A dog had eaten holes in it. I'll fix it I say. You know how to crochet she asked me? Well no, but it can't be that hard.

And so the crochet thing began. The afghan? still looks the same. Give me time!!

Monday, March 17, 2014


Currently working on a dog, or two. Really need to get with it.
After Su was Pokey..
Then Max..
Just so slow, enjoy it but obviously to me this is not my passion :-)

Kentucky and back again

(third time is the charm right? apparently blogger app can not find my image I picked???)

Fast trip to Kaintuck and home again, daughter moving. Loved Kentucky - beautiful place in so many ways. But she's closer now for more visits so it's all good.

Can't say the trip was totally smooth - thanks to car and Downtown Hyundai (Nashville, don't use them!) we had a big bump in the road there but all is fixed now.

Cats have made so many trips cross country they are old pros at it now.

well now thinking.. AAARGH....

Wish I had not done that.
Lost my post on Sky and Harry.. who knows what I wrote, I certainly don't, can't be all that important but seriously?? I edit to put a title and lost the post? but here's the pic. Ha. Out of line timewise.. can't fix that.

So.. now I remember WHY I hate blogging tools and why I used to prefer doing my own html and all.
No accidents I could not fix.

I also wrote a post on the fast trip to Kaintuck... and where is it? hmmm? Blogger heaven???


Apps for blogging?

Who knew? Certainly not me. Maybe I will even blog some now. Not that I have anything worthwhile to say :-)

-----  wow. Just wow. Take away that happy face. I lost one entire post!! and another ended up father down the list though it was the newest?? what's up with this?