Thursday, February 18, 2010

February in SC

Here I sit in South Carolina for a while - visiting mom and taking it easy.  She's getting along pretty good except for a hip that bothers her lately. I am so glad my son is staying at my house while he goes to college so that it is possible for me to leave home on extended visits like this.

Mom and I get along fine but it does get rather amusing in the grocery stores. She heads for the pastry section while I aim for the fresh produce. She's perusing the frozen breakfast items such as strudels and waffles as I pick up yogurt and rice cakes. Sometimes when I visit I just let go and eat whatever but that has sure been hard on the waist line. With all the sweets available it isn't easy to not succumb to more than my normal intake but overall this go round I've done much better with my diet. Mom does say if I mention salads for supper one more time she's going to whop me.   

Here's  a snow picture from the past week  - it did not last long here so we enjoyed the pretty sight -

dad's barn