Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome 2011

Not sure I ever thought about this year back when it was .. oh.. 2000...   I can't imagine 2021 now  so that's not peculiar. What a year 2021 sounds like! Something so far into the future!

Oh well today is now and it is a new year so off we go with New Year type things.

Money.  Always number one with me! I ran across this article and don't we all remember those seven habits books? Being frugal is now the 'in' thing so this is perfect to begin my year with -

7 Habits of Highly Frugal People

With the economy the way it is today perhaps the book will make a comeback and do better than it did in '89!

One sentence in this stands out as I have heard it so many times before - between the stimulus and your response is your freedom to choose your response -  and that applies to money, food, conversations with others, anything we do. Live consciously (another favorite of mine). Make better choices. Choose your response.

Perhaps having a reactive dog it means more today than it did say.. ten years ago or so. Su is 12 now, and we have worked hard to help her be a better dog. Today she is a lovely pet but there is still that underlying issue of the reactive dog. I suppose no matter how much I want to choose more wisely, to stop and think, it will always be something I will struggle with rather than something that is automatic.

So here's to better responses in 2010!

and just because I like pictures here is one of my occasional assistant: