Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Here comes Suzaaaaaa

out to the park to watch John in a run..

Su had a good time..  and there she is all worn out in one shot, after a walk. She was too tired to object to being piled high with packing materials. Okay, she probably just did not care, wondering what the kids were up to now! LOL

April trip to California

Included a visit to Anza-Barrego State Park where we saw some neat metal sculptures at Galleta Meadows


then there was Torrey Pines State National Reserve where we had a lovely walk on the beach..

of course  we went to the beach itself at Oceanside and ate lunch at Islands.. and visited Forrest Lawn Memorial Park to see the stained glass and much more.. along with a night out in San Diego to see Kooza !!