Tuesday, October 06, 2009

No photographer am I

photography is fun but definitely not my strong point. Son gave me a nice camera that is not used to create the shots it could create by a long shot. Nope. I just point and shoot. Told him what I need is a camera that is fast for pet photos but not the huge megapixels so sought after as I'm only going to put it on the web, so make it cheap! Oh well. What I have is the cheapest I'm going to get, as I did not pay for it!

He sees the most interesting things while I on the same walk, see nothing to snap a photo of.. oh me such is life. Check out his blogs for pics..

So I'm thinking, how is it I can enjoy something so much but have absolutely no talent for it? Rather like taking art lessons when you really can't paint, or music lessons when you have no "ear" for it.. it is not all a lost cause. You learn to see the world around you in a new way which increases your own pleasure, even if your photos still aren't worth much. :)

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