Monday, June 30, 2008

Ohhhh this has got to go.. NOW!!

Oh this has got to go go go! Is this cute or what? She stays here long and I will just Cry when she leaves! Have already put an add on Freecycle and told a neighbor about here. Mix female terrier about 2 yrs old, totally darling, sweet, good with the cats, she's a doll!!

Isn't she cute?
How could someone take this little doll to the pound? I said Oh no! I'll find her a home! But it better be fast because she is a bit addicting.
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Saturday, June 28, 2008


We all have our small weaknesses right? Mine is bread. Everything about bread is wonderful.
The feel of the dough as I knead it, the smell of it cooking (when my nose is working anyway) and of course, the finished product. If it weren't for fresh bread I might even be losing weight!

Hot bread, butter (the real deal!) and local honey makes a treat that my mouth just waters for.

Round is easy but I have a rectangular cloche that has been crying out for use. Finding a cloth cradle for French bread at a thrift shop, making it mine took no thought at all. Now we know, the next loaf won't be a round one!

Check out Breadtopia, Farmgirl Fare (a year in bread) and No Knead bread so you can start
baking too!
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Monday, June 02, 2008


according to my son,, I have this thing about birkies. I don't know why he'd blame me for his birkie fixation.

Look - there's obviously room there for another pair (the dog ate one pair) and more sneakers.. wait, there is another pair of sneakers somewhere. And I think there's a pair of birkie's missing... oh yeah, they are on my feet.
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