Saturday, April 07, 2007

James sent me flowers for Easter! They are so pretty... this pic really does not do them justice, not one whit. Posted by Picasa
Gotta get a shot of Su in here. She loved the cold and kept wanting to Run! I did jog a bit but all that means is Su gets to trot. :)
She had a light dusting of sleet on her back, which barely shows up here. Maybe you can see it. Posted by Picasa

Easter eggs?

I don't know how the rest of the egg hunts here in town worked out today, what with the icy stuff on the ground but.. I found some!!
Hope momma duck manages to hatch these out. Posted by Picasa

Easter weekend

Easter means spring, right? We didn't have a white Christmas even!

Keeps us on our toes - scramble to get the cold weather clothes back out,
turn the furnace back on.. yada yada yada..Pretty isn't it?
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