Thursday, June 28, 2012

Goodbye Su

fall 2000 - June 2012

Good dog Su, gone from my  life but not from my heart

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The year slips by

half gone now. The past months have been so quiet here. My son who lived here a while to finish schooling has moved on to the job of his choice. It's just me and the animals..

which brings me to this - I think my Su dog is dying. She's had two seizures, she is anemic, her appetite is poor.. Mostly she just lies around and it seems to me that she can only walk a little bit before needing to lie down again. We've done blood work, which showed little to nothing (the anemia) and know the red blood cells are not being formed as they should be so besides meds, we can only wait, do more tests, a bone marrow test if desired, what else I do not know. But I wonder how much to do, how long to wait, as she is an old dog now and I do not want her to suffer. Su is 12 or right at it. In many ways she looks good. But the slow stiffening of joints and increasing desire to just sleep has been growing over the past few months. I knew the time would come but are we ever truly ready for it?

Su, you've been such a good dog.