Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ah yes this is what I'd rather be doing (see that cat?) snoozing in the comfort of my bed. But since I can't go to sleep due to too many small discomforts (oh the joys of an aging body!) I'll post an update and let him sleep.

Went to see the doctor and found out about the blood work. It was done last August. No wonder I could not remember it! And everything was perfect. Ideal she said. Very healthy she said.

Then we talked about other things! Oh my. Well it's all good. Will see a dermatologist for a skin check, purely  because one should now and then. Will see a neuro doc about my back in hopes of finding relief from the pain. That would be nice! Will see.. well it doesn't matter but I guess in the end there were four referrals and some we forgot to get to my relief. She'll catch me later I am sure, as in April when my re-check date is scheduled.

Mom is still in the SNF, and getting better but we fear not doing well enough for us to feel secure about her living alone again. Who knows! She can do what she wants, I just hope she does not fall again. There are no easy answers for that situation, as she really does not want to move into a senior living place.

Time for bed here. I'll have to shove the cat over!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some days...

I just feel so confused.  Not long ago I had a phone call and was busy doing something else so admit to not paying a lot of attention to the first sentence or two. But then I am asked when I can come in to discuss the results of my blood work. This does not help my confusion. Blood work? What blood work? I need to come in and do blood work? No, this is about the one you had done. Well news to me. Which doctor I wonder so ask in a way to pretend I know, where do I need to go? He tells me what clinic and that clears that up. I am still confused. There is absolutely NO recollection in my brain of having  blood work done. This would be funny except it is driving me nuts. At least I will get to find out later this month when I go see the doctor.

When  my mom has days like this she  thinks it is due to her age. Am not quite sure what excuse I want to use.