Saturday, December 01, 2007

Cats and elbees

or litterboxes (LB you see).. so many of them with so many cats! Litter gets pulled out onto the floor, as every cat owner knows. The boxes built into a cabinet have long appealed to me but getting someone to make one seems to be beyond my ability. Then recently I saw a cat box at the store that looked interesting but the price tag! It was right at 32 dollars. The design appeared easy enough to copy. I picked up an 18 gal storage container and some outdoor carpeting. Cut a hole in the top and glued on the carpet (to help catch litter). Voila! A new box! Large and deep, the cats took right to it. While there is some litter on the floor still, it is a tiny amount indeed. This is so successful and economical that I'm changing over all the boxes to this design. Here is Fela (the tabby stray who was unnamed yet in her last photo) checking out the new box.
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