Monday, June 30, 2008

Ohhhh this has got to go.. NOW!!

Oh this has got to go go go! Is this cute or what? She stays here long and I will just Cry when she leaves! Have already put an add on Freecycle and told a neighbor about here. Mix female terrier about 2 yrs old, totally darling, sweet, good with the cats, she's a doll!!

Isn't she cute?
How could someone take this little doll to the pound? I said Oh no! I'll find her a home! But it better be fast because she is a bit addicting.
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  1. Could almost be something I could live with!

  2. I'm sure. Lots of energy yet lies down quietly too. Will lie in your lap. etc. Nice dog. Hope I can find her a real good home.

  3. She'd fit in a carrier under an airplane seat...

  4. would she now? Do they still do that and at what price? Do you want this dog? at which point I't put in a lot of grins but it wont let me bummer.