Monday, April 06, 2009

the cats are out!

Usually this would be a problem, that cry would mean come help corral cats! (see the Fela up a tree post.) These days though I’ve given up. My son started letting them ‘do their own thing’ while I was out of town. No complaints from me. The cats are happy and stay in the yard. I am working on a total solution – cat pen/garage set up – so they can be out and we do not have to worry about them.

Meanwhile Fela enjoys the grass and hopes a bird will come close.
2009-03 DSC_2234

LBK, the rotten baby, even goes out to roll on the pavement and get all nice and dirty.
2009-03 DSC_2235

Amazingly even Angel, the rescue from the city park nearby, is overcoming her fears to venture outside on the rare occasion. She runs back inside fast though if anyone goes out to take a picture of her! No evidence no evidence! I can hear her cry.. I’m an inside cat only now! (yeah right)

I really advise not letting your cats run free. There are too many dangers outdoors for them, and I’ve lost enough to know better. With luck the handyman will get the cats fixed up with a safe alternative soon.


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by, and I love an opportunity to pitch our unique scratching posts. What you do is get a large empty burlap coffee bean bag, stuff it very full of old pillows (fabrics, whatever there is to spare), as full as you can. Then sew up the loose end with some strong thread, and make really tight, you want it firm not soft.

    The cats should take to it instantly with no training. We've had lots of cats and they all loved it.