Friday, May 13, 2011

What do I want in my life?

I read an interesting post a while back. It seemed like a good one to just think about, and to make my own list. Check theirs out:

I do not want to repeat their list here obviously, so go read it! but much of what is there would be my own desires as well. These days as a widow and soon to live alone (son has been here finishing his Master's) it seems good to give this some thought and action to make it happen!

One we all need/want =

  • a reason to get up every morning

You'd think that would just be built in but the number of people on anti-depressants might be a clue that for a lot of us, it is not. Or perhaps I should say a better reason than just having to let the dog out!

Being 'retired' if I can call it that, not ever having a full time job in years, instead of constructive fulfilling job I will put down :

  • a way to give back to society

Feeling productive usually means greater satisfaction. There is always that need to feel needed, somehow, somewhere. Fortunately it is in our power to make that happen. There are many volunteer opportunites all around us. The group I like to volunteer with is Christian Women's Job Corps.


  • to keep learning

  • keep family ties strong, by putting love and tolerance into action and the effort required to keep relationships strong

  • to live consciously as much as I can

  • to be faithful in my Christian walk

Enough to keep me busy, or as busy as I want to be! Just have to work on that number one, though perhaps the rest of them answer that one.

What would your list be?


  1. I think you pegged the most important one - a reason to get up in the morning.

    Lately, my heart's desire has been to see my children self-sufficient and happy.

  2. Marti, Yes yes yes.. to see that would be a wonderful thing.