Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Look at that!

What a sight, late at night, coming through the gate into the backyard. Now I think she's lovely and interesting. John on the other hand, was not so amused at nearly walking into Ms. Spider but he did grab his camera for a few fast shots. Now at one point, the spider jumped and John jumped too. It was a small matter of a stick.. how was I to know she'd object so? I really didn't flick her off or poke her hard. Just doing my bit to help him get a more exciting shot. Let me tell you, that boy can jump! (but the spider jumps better I must say.) How frazzled was he you ask? Well the next morning I went out to walk the dog and was shocked to see his car door standing wide open! I was so sure he'd been robbed. I ran back in the house and woke him up. It was not a good start to his day I'm thinking, based on his initial response. However, it turned out that he'd left the car door open all night! Everything was still there, surprisingly enough considering it was right by the street. Whew! I told him that spider meet-up really blew his mind. He says it wasn't so. It was the decaf coffee. Hmmm?

I don't care John. I still blame it on the spider trying to get a close up of YOU.

(wondering what he will say in *his* blog)
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  1. John Kotrla10:46 PM

    I don't believe that the spider pic was properly sub licensed for derivative works ;)