Wednesday, September 24, 2008

There goes Fela!!

Good grief. I opened the cat pen door and Fela zoomed out. Straight to the tree. John, having just been taking photos of a certain spider, was ready with his camera. From where he stood however, this was all he could see. So he took like fifteen shots of Fela butt. Silly boy.

Meanwhile, I am up under the tree (I know spidee territory, which is probably why John was NOT under the tree) and I called him, so he got This shot. Happy Fela on the end of the dead limb. This is about as high as she can go as the tree is somewhat truncated. She knows if she tries for another limb it will put her within reaching distance. So she looks and thinks... for quite a while. Then the temptation is too much. She makes a dash for it!

Grabbing one leg, I started pulling. Fela resisted mightily. What she was saying while this was going on is absolutely unprintable. If you did not know better you'd have thought I just grabbed a wild cat not a spoiled housepet. Wait a minute, maybe spoiled housepet does fit. After all, she was sure she should have what she wanted and was madly cussing me out for not letting her dash up the next tree branch.

I win. More of Fela comes out of the tree. I slowly pulled her so she went over my shoulder. Fela hung over my shoulder limply, resigned to her fate. Back inside we went with the "I wanna be free!" cat.

(meanwhile, the car door was standing wide open, amazing no one 'freed' the goodies inside!)
the Fela Baby.. giving me That Look.

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