Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On the road again (soon)

The last month the mind has not wandered much. Rather tired, busy and contemplating another long trip away from home, indeed the days have been enough to keep me from much mental wondering. Which is a wonder in itself.

There is one thing that does stand out though through all this – my reluctance to leave home.  When others have said such I thought what a stay at home! Go nowhere? How dull! Yet the older I get,  the more I align myself with them.  Is it age alone, a lack of energy, being ever so comfortable in my own place? Will I actually reach a stage of saying No, thanks for the thought but I’ll just stay at home? That’s a bit scary.  Is that a common thing I wonder?

We have a lot planned. A flight to Ohio,  trip to SC and a visit there with stops along the way, back to Ohio then off to California. Maybe thinking about it makes me tired ahead of time. However I do want to go and know that once gone – once on the plane flying above Texas – all reluctance will fade away leaving nothing but anticipation for the time to come.

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