Sunday, May 17, 2009

Virginia and the Blue Ridge

The first day out on our trip we reached the Skyline Pkwy, which is a National Park. The day was overcast and threatened to rain most of the time. Even so the drive was lovely - and we took many piictures. Our second day was spent on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I had never seen this part of the country before. What a treat even if it was terribly overcast!


There were bikers and hikers on the road with us (bicycle, but also motorcycles of course) and we marvelled at their being out there in such weather. I suppose if you truly love a sport a bit of rain, coolness and gray days make no difference. We stopped too see a small waterfall.

While like everyone else we had always thought of making a drive like this in the fall to see the 'colors' I must admit it was worth it even in the gray spring. Maybe one day we can make a return trip in the fall some day. Here is one shot, that shows so well why these mountains are called the Smokies.


and a few more shots - azaleas and a newt? and some other flower...




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