Friday, May 04, 2012

Another cat

Who is that looking down at me? HB! Hongry Boy. Though lately I think he needs a new name. At a glance he looks a bit like Fela and one day when he was scratching at the door to come in, my son opened it to let in Fe then realize wait! Who is that? As the cat ran off. But HB kept coming back to scratch at the door, or hang out on top of the cat pen watching us. After three months or so I could touch him and found all of his ribs easily so we fed him routinely. Wondering all the while what next?

Once I could catch him it was off to the vet. My assumption was that would be the end - a stray tom, what were the odds he would be free of FIV or feline leukemia? Not much is what I thought.

HB surprised us. He was declared disease free, about five years old, and intact. That last soon changed and he came back home with me to live in the cat pen for a week.

Now he runs free again but is content to stay in the yard most of the time, just lounging around, waiting for the next meal. Sometimes he comes inside to eat. When I open the door to see if he would like to go back he looks at me and lies down. Why would I want to do That he seems to be saying. I'll stay in where the gig is good and some more food please!


  1. He's a beauty. I don't think our vet tested for any diseases on our stray cat. Next time I need to take him in, I think I'll get him tested. Do your cats get along?

    1. Hey Marti! I should check this thing more often, LOL. Yes they do get along. Sometimes that has not happened but HB is very calm and disinclined to fight. He just dodges and avoids so the others accepted him within a week or so. I always test for FIV etc, to save my own heart and pocketbook. Have learned that the hard way.