Monday, March 17, 2014

well now thinking.. AAARGH....

Wish I had not done that.
Lost my post on Sky and Harry.. who knows what I wrote, I certainly don't, can't be all that important but seriously?? I edit to put a title and lost the post? but here's the pic. Ha. Out of line timewise.. can't fix that.

So.. now I remember WHY I hate blogging tools and why I used to prefer doing my own html and all.
No accidents I could not fix.

I also wrote a post on the fast trip to Kaintuck... and where is it? hmmm? Blogger heaven???



  1. LOL! I lose posts sometimes too. Hey, did you dig out your blog just because I asked about it? ;)

    What apps did you find for blogging?

    1. well you did remind me I had one! LOL. I really had not even thought about it, or the ones I was following (like yours) in SO long. Need an easier way.. Android phone, look in play store for Blogger.

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