Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My "service" dog

Su was handy for helping me up hills, bracing me if I felt unsteady on rough ground etc. She did know how to get things for me but I never used it. Sky came along and he certainly isn't big enough to brace on so I decided, he can get things off the floor! I drop it, and he's there in a flash, looking for the item. Sometimes he finds it before I see where it went. Sky brings me whatever it is - though he has trouble with flat things still. And yes he gets a reward. The other day I was out in town and dropped something, stood there a minute looking down and heard my friend laugh and say "Where's your service dog?" She's right, I'm spoiled. And no he is not a service dog. He'd have to learn a whole lot more and I'd have to seriously need the help for that, but he is right handy!

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